Friday, October 20, 2006

Bureau 13

Enter the world of Bureau 13. It is a world where super heroes and super villains are commonplace. Where climatic battles between good and evil take place on a daily basis, and cataclysm is averted by just a hair. This is the world where Echelon agent, Greg Harris is one of a select few that know the secret identities of all the super heroes and villains operating within the borders of the United States of America. He has been charged with the duty to not only safe guard these secret identities but also to recruit super heroes into the government’s roster and use them to safe guard the country. For him, every day is a battle to keep the status quo. Be it keeping a super hero or villain’s identity from the public, to covering up the birth of a new super hero who has just discovered his super powers, to assisting a super hero in stopping a super villain from taking over the world. This is his world, his life and his story. Welcome to Bureau 13.

Written by Victor Poon. Artwork by J.C. Grande, Jay Carvajal and John Pavlinko.

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    Ray Frenden said...

    Caught the link from the Ronin forums. Cool to see you blog as well!