Friday, October 20, 2006

Hallow's Realm released !

Hallow's Realms has been released through Indy Planet . Written by George Durham and Moray Rhoda. Artwork by J.C. Grande.

Synopsis: Not knowing she is gifted with new abilities, Cassandra Lockhart is given a wake up call when her best friends soul is called out by an evil Djinn. Worried that her friend will die, Cassandra suddenly remembers some of her mysterious past and realizes she has been given abilities beyond her comprehension.A young girl is given a second chance at life after she is gifted with heavenly abilities to save the lost souls of Hallows Realm from the combined forces of Djinns, Vampires, and other supernatural and paranormal beings after a fatal accident nearly takes her life.Hallows Realm TM and © Hangar 020 Productions. All rights reserved.
Available at Indy Planet.
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